How Remote Workers Can Give You The Business Growth of Your Dreams

The one thing that cannot be prevented in business is change. Therefore, companies should view change as an inevitable opportunity for growth, rather than a tide to resist against. Whether those in charge like it or not, we have been thrust into a world of work-from-home and the modern workplace must adjust to new societal demands.

While there were movements towards remote working anyway in recent years, COVID-19 accelerated the change far faster than anyone could have predicted. More people than ever are working full-time from home, which is arguably the most dramatic work dynamic shift we will ever see, with the virus acting as a catalyst.

Those resistant to change will see this as a negative move away from traditional workspaces, with the innovative will see it as a potential route to success no longer bound by location.

Let’s check out some of the key ways that remote work can improve your business:

Satisfaction and productivity –

Remember, you are best placed to decide what works best for you. Everyone is different, especially when it comes to the way in which we work. Therefore, not being bound by location for work allows you to dictate the way in which you work. Some may prefer to work in silence in their own room. Others may like to work alongside music. Some may prefer to work in cafes or groups. The crux of the matter is that remote working allows each individual worker to choose their optimum conditions, thus increasing both productivity and satisfaction.

Not only this, but working from home/anywhere cuts out the need to commute. Remember, employees are not paid for the time it takes them to travel to work and many spend between an hour and two hours commuting per day. Remote working not only cuts out the stress of the commute, but also opens up extra free time to spend on hobbies, with loved ones, or relaxing. 

Environment and sustainability –

One issue we have not yet touched on when it comes to the commute is the impact on the environment. Many employees feel guilty about the negative influence they are having on the world, with 75% admitting that in a recent survey. In the same survey, 67% also felt guilty about using plastic bags at work every day, 61% pointed to a lack of recycling, and 59% felt bad about throwing away parts of their lunch.

Remote working reduces the need to travel and workers are both more likely and more able to practice environmentally friendly practices in the home, such as saving leftover lunches in the fridge. Therefore, companies are able to become more environmentally conscious by working beyond the confines of traditional office space.

Improved continuity –

Of course, remote working would be impossible without the tools needed to make it work. Many companies use cloud-based software in order to bring employees together, no matter their location. In short, the workers stay connected without being within earshot of each other.

Therefore, those in charge of modern planning in the workplace must open themselves to the possibility of a full-time remote workforce. Such a move needs the tools in place to make it work and having them ready at the click of a button means that the company is ready to react to and deal with disruption.

In the post-COVID working world, there are many new components that must be implemented to make full-time remote work a possibility. We will likely see a paradigm shift towards increased personal space and employee priority.

Empowering the modern workforce in such a way will hopefully increase satisfaction, mental health, and streamline the challenges of the working future.