Best Job Boards for Hiring a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – With Prices

There are a number of resources available for attracting your next CEO, from outsourcing to executive search agencies, searching LinkedIn to consulting your industry black book – to identify possible contacts who might be suitable or interested in the role.

Recruiting the most senior hire for your company, as you can imagine, can take a lot of time, effort and experience – which is why many HR and Senior Board Members opt for commissioning third-party head hunters to take on the task in return for a fee. But as you might expect, being at the tall end of the employment spectrum, this can come at a high price.

Searching for, shortlisting and holding initial talks with potential CEO candidates may at times be better off outsourced to specialist agencies. But if you are in a position to take on these duties yourself, then the first thing on your to-do list will be to advertise the vacancy.

Assuming your executive vacancy isn’t steeped in confidentiality, then you’ll be looking to appropriate job boards to create your job advertisement.

Just before you do – check our blog for the latest CEO salary reviews and also, take a look over our post entitled “How to Write a CEO Job Description + Example” for tips on how to craft a concise yet compelling CEO job description.

With your remuneration package agreed and your CEO job description prepared, here we’ll walk you through your job board options – noting prices, pros and cons.

CEO Jobs

CEO Jobs is the UK’s only dedicated Chief Executive Job board – providing you with a seriously relevant target audience for advertising your role.

CEO Jobs states that it’s visitors consist of C-Level executives, Directors and Managing Directors. Unlike broader, more generic job boards, job advertisers get better quality applications and spend less time wading through irrelevant CVs.

Unlike other executive job boards, CEO Jobs prides itself on pricing it’s product “at the sensible end of the executive job market”. So if limiting your total cost of recruitment is important – this is a good option. Job advertisements are also live for three times longer than the job board average, at 90 days instead of 30. The rationale for this is that there are usually fewer applications when attracting a CEO – and so catching the right candidate can often be a question of timing as opposed to having a high volume of web visitors.

Cost of Advertising: £295
Job Post Duration: 90 Days

The Guardian

The Guardian is a popular newspaper aimed at people with a keen business and financial interest, as such it attracts a high number of relevant readers.

The Guardian runs a job board which predominantly advertises managerial and executive positions. But it does also attract an audience of technical professionals, for example Digital Consultants, Data Analysts and Legal Practitioners. The newspaper is said to attract over 1million monthly visitors to the job board.

Cost of Advertising: £575 – £975
Job Post Duration: 30 Days

Telegraph Jobs

Much like The Guardian, The Telegraph has capitalised on it’s large readership who too have a keen interest in business, finance and economics.

The job board promises a good blend of high quantity and high quality candidates – and attracts job seekers with technical and commercial skills as well as Managerial and Executive capabilities.

Cost of Advertising: £450 – £1,200
Job Post Duration: 30 Days

Executive-Appointments is the dedicated recruitment site from The Financial Times, and much like the previous two aforementioned newspaper owned job boards, it is designed to advertise the latest opportunities for CEO, CFO, Director and other senior executive candidates.

The service offers exec vacancies across a wide range of sectors that include Finance, IT, HR and Banking in various locations throughout Europe, UK and especially London.

Cost of Advertising: £500 – £2,500
Job Post Duration: 14 Days

Mainstream Job Boards

Whilst mainstream job boards attract high volumes of candidates and therefor a lot of work wading through CVs that aren’t suitable for your CEO vacancy, they shouldn’t be ignored.

Here we’ll list the most popular UK job boards, but do note, they advertise all manner of jobs, from junior Admin roles right up to Director level positions. Nonetheless, we though it would be useful to include so you can compare costs and job post durations.


Cost of Advertising: £150 – £250
Job Post Duration: 6 weeks


Cost of Advertising: From £149
Job Post Duration: 6 weeks


Cost of Advertising: £130 – £400
Job Post Duration: 30 Days


Cost of Advertising: FREE – Pay per click
Job Post Duration: Until removed


Cost of Advertising: FREE – Pay per click
Job Post Duration: Until removed

So that’s our roundup of the best suited job boards to advertise your next CEO vacancy, along with mainstream options to consider also.

If you have any feedback on the above solutions and how well they performed in landing your CEO, of course, please let us know!