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About CEO Jobs

When you are a C-level executive, all of a sudden 98% of the job market becomes irrelevant to you. Generic job boards no longer have the same appeal and your search for bonified executive vacancies becomes a needle in haystack.

This is why historically, much of the executive job market operates under cover, through more manual efforts such networking and headhunting.

C-level vacancies are also not always for public consumption, with a reported 50% of C-jobs handled confidentially through specialists in executive search. Meaning not only is the job board system widely irrelevant to you as a CEO, for all of the legitimate vacancies that are posted online, there are plenty more that can’t be publicly applied for.

This is where CEO Jobs comes in. We’re a bonified executive job board. In fact, we’re the only CEO job board.

We publicise all of the latest publicly listed CEO jobs, saving you hours of trawling generic job boards and subscribing to countless jobs by email services. We’re the first place executive recruiters and hiring boards think of when it comes to appointing the next company leader, we’re a one-trick pony, but we do it so well.

Confidential jobs? We have a solution for that too.

Behind our website is a network of executive search recruiters, each commissioned to search and fill the 50% of the aforementioned CEO jobs that we are unable to publicly post. These jobs are usually steeped in so much confidentially that the only way to access candidates is by appointing a specialist, or headhunter, if you prefer.

Simply post your latest CV to CEO Jobs and you will become instantly searchable to this network, broadening your reach and casting your net farther and wider, without really lifting a finger.

CEO Jobs has been servicing the executive job market with these solutions since 2010. We’re experts at what we do but above all, we’re trusted. Whether you are a recruiter or candidate, you can trust us to keep your interests safe, your data secure and your privacy respected.

We also love hearing from you. If you have any thoughts or feedback to share with us, please reach out by using this link here.

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